Honest pleasures in food and motherhood from a restless Midwesterner.

Let's cook together.

Good recipes - ones that are evidence of real love - love of ingredients, of a person, of people, of the seasons, of memory, of anything - those are the recipes I live for.

Sometimes, those are my recipes. Sometimes, they're yours.

Sometimes, they're so close to working, and the soul is there, the spirit is there, this thing is supposed to be incredible! But the mechanics are off and you can't figure out what's wrong and maybe the recipe, you think, is not so good anyway. Maybe you have one of those recipes. Maybe you have a cookbook full of them.

Or maybe you're a food person but not so much a writing person. 

I rehabilitate recipes and the writing that surrounds them. Maybe you have recipes or writing that need reworking. Clarifying. Flow-making. Vibe-adjusting.

If you'd like to work together, here are some of the services I've provided to clients in the past. 

  • Cookbook writing and editing

  • Recipe development, editing, and testing

  • Converting and scaling restaurant recipes for home cooks

  • Food and travel writing

  • Or something else you have in mind!

If you're interested in working together, fill out the form on my contact page with your thoughts and I'll be back in touch soon! I look forward to hearing from you.